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We Make Mentoring Easy!

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Mentors help you level up and face your fears about career transition

“I love that the mentees + mentors were matched by professions. I wish I had this kind of insider information when I was a student aspiring to be in this field!” – Alexis S., Pixel Park Animation Studios

Connect. Learn. Grow.

Connect with a mentor who knows about your career interests. Gain insights, perspectives, advice and direction on career choices and navigation of your career plan. Make career development a priority this year!!

1:1 Mentoring

This is the best time to connect to a mentor and learn about their career journey. Every path is different but insights and nuggets of wisdom can be invaluable as you prepare for the workforce. Establish a specific time to meet every week or choose to be flexible whatever works best for both of your schedules. 

Professional Development 

​Everybody is Zooming so let’s join the movement! Twice per month you will join your cohort for a video conference chat. These sessions are designed to discuss topics and tools that are key to your development as young professionals. We will introduce the Strength Finders and DISC assessments that will foster deep self reflection and support a healthy conversation with your mentor.

Career Guidance

This program is all about you! What are your career goals in the next one to three years? How can you begin to prepare for life after college? What questions do you have regarding landing your first job? A career mentor will provide guidance in these areas and more!

Fresh Perspective - Reaffirming - Insightful

What mentees are saying?

Enriching & Empowering

" WrightChoice is a very enriching and empowering program that strives to help unique individuals accomplish their dreams." 

Jasmine J.

Wright State University


Great eye-opening session with my mentor. We reviewed my resume. I realized that I have so many more skills and roles to add to it. Real life can equal work experience.

Mia C.

Wright State University


Toni gave a great presentation about networking! She made me realize I have been doing it all along and it's a way of life for me as a social worker to be! I really enjoyed learning new tips on how to engage with a group of people professionally.

Cassandra B.

Wright State University


Make the WrightChoice and Take Career Prep to the Next Level

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