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Summer Cohort Application is Open!

        WrightChoice celebrates diversity and disability inclusion

A few things to keep in mind

  • You should attend a 2 or 4 year college/university 

    • Status undergrad, graduate student or even a recent grad 

    • All majors eligible to apply

  • It works well if you can demonstrate a commitment to your own personal achievements

  • Students will be considered based on successful interview and mentor availability

.Mentoring Experience Framework

  • Meet with mentors once per week

  • Attend virtual Professional Development "ProDevo" Zoom Sessions

Tablet and Flower Bag

Candid Conversations
Social Connections 
Increase Self-Awareness
Build Your Confidence
Get Career Insider Information
Listen. Learn. Grow.

“I came to realize that my mentor was just an older version of myself“ – Darlene W., Wright State University

"I was encouraged to continue on with becoming a physician as a black woman" - Stacey M., The Ohio State University

Rian H., Team WrightChoice 

Students should apply for the mentoring program if they truly are interested in learning about how they fit into their aspiring careers. The reality is, a career may seem one way in a textbook, but it could be totally different for you in real life. Be proactive, don’t wait until you’re awarded a degree in a discipline you’ve never performed in before.

1 Hour Per Week

4 Hours Per Month

That’s it! Connect with your mentor virtually one hour per week. Scheduled a meeting at a time that works best for the both of you. Come prepared for each conversation.


Lead the conversation. What questions do you have regarding career transition? Challenge your mentor to think deeply regarding their career journey. Share the results of your assessments as the foundation for your conversation.

Monthly Zoom Chats

1.5hr Zoom sessions allow you to connect with other mentees while adding tools to your professional development toolbox. Content for these sessions are guaranteed to be useful in your career transition process. Learn what you won’t learn in the classroom.

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