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Are you a student wondering how all this college stuff connects to the real world? WrightChoice Mentoring is the next step for you!




Graduate students


Recent graduates 

Our unique program offers
a tailored experience


Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions that provide invaluable guidance and support.


Picture yourself in engaging virtual Professional Development "ProDevo" Zoom sessions


Designed to equip you with the skills and insights you need to thrive.  

WrightChoice “ProDevo” Sessions


The WrightChoice Mentoring program offers Professional Development sessions, aimed at equipping mentees with essential modern skills and broadening students' knowledge base. Signature sessions like the DISC and Strengthsfinder Assessments provide interactive learning experiences. Feedback indicates these sessions enhance existing skills and reveal untapped potential. 

Delanee-Alexis Cole

Summer 2021

My favorite sessions were the strength finders and DISC Assessment sessions. The reason I love them the most are because those sessions made me feel even more prepared for the working world and my graduate program in Human Capital Management (with senior level professionals from all over the world).I attended my first webinar as an admitted student at the Columbia University New Student Orientation and one of the first things they mentioned related to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) were these two assessments. Others may have heard about it for the first time but I felt more confident in the topic because of the sessions that explored these topics and even allowed us to have supplemental material to dig deeper. I felt confident enough to follow up with the speaker to engage in more conversation. Thanks to WrightChoice, I'm able to engage with professionals who have been in the game for years and even teach them something new I've learned from my own EQ journey!

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