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90% +

 of our mentoring pairs stay connected even after the program ends 



of our mentees feel measurably more comfortable with their chosen career path after being matched with a WCM mentor


500+ Hours

Mentoring pairs spent over 350 hours together to meet since 2020


A white man with glassses and an orange shirt, with an inset picture of a young woman.

"Kelsi was such a joy to mentor and with each interaction with her she brought a huge smile to my face. She progressed so much as a disability advocate through her hard work and determination. I am so proud of her and I learned so much from her. She gave me a unique perspective on the world by seeing the world of disability through her lens. Her blog,, has changed so many lives and will change so many more well into the future.”

- Adam H. - Disability Advocacy 

a yound woman seated in a wheelchair with the white house in the background wearing a pink shirt with natual hair, inset is a white man with glasses

" Building a relationship with my mentor helped me to speak about the things that I am passionate about. With the encouragement of my mentor, I was able to start my own blog called Powerfully Disabled where I share my story as a person with a disability and talk about disability advocacy. Without my mentor I would’ve never had the confidence to share my voice with others. I am truly thankful for WrightChoice for the opportunity ."

- Kelsi W.- Ohio University 

two black women with glasses and locs smile at the camera

“My time spent with my mentee enriched me so much. It tested my ability to provide sound guiding advice and I learned so much about a wonderful young woman. She and I will maintain our friendship and connection hopefully for many years to come!”

- Jennifer W. - Marketing 

Left  a woman with black hair and earrings on the left, a young woman with dark skin and long hair on the right

“The WrightChoice Mentoring program was just what both me and my mentee needed this summer. The program allowed both of us to share and learn from each other’s experiences, explore new avenues and dream of what is to come”

- Portia R. - Human Resources 

“I met an amazing young woman and future nurse, and got to have long discussions about navigating nursing school and a future career. “

Caitlin N.- Nurse


Mentee Testimonials

Chloe B.

Wright State University,

Summer 2023  

“Working with Caitlin, I feel so much better about interacting with new people, especially in the professional sense. She made me feel heard and understood about my illness and my worries of having it as a nurse. She gave me hard truths that I don't think I would have accepted otherwise. She has made me see things in a new light and I have a deep admiration for her.”


Wright State University, Summer 2023 

This program gave me a lot of time to reflect on my desires for the next couple of years of my life, as I’m beginning my transition from undergrad. I’m grateful to be encouraged by my mentor who’s been in a similar situation as I am and is continuously in my corner helping me get to the person I want to be. The program was also curated to mold participants into forward thinking people and to be more confident in themselves, which I really appreciate because it's pushing me to be better.”

Delanee-Alexis Cole

Summer 2021

My favorite sessions were the strength finders and DISC Assessment sessions. The reason I love them the most are because those sessions made me feel even more prepared for the working world and my graduate program in Human Capital Management (with senior level professionals from all over the world).I attended my first webinar as an admitted student at the Columbia University New Student Orientation and one of the first things they mentioned related to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) were these two assessments. Others may have heard about it for the first time but I felt more confident in the topic because of the sessions that explored these topics and even allowed us to have supplemental material to dig deeper. I felt confident enough to follow up with the speaker to engage in more conversation. Thanks to WrightChoice, I'm able to engage with professionals who have been in the game for years and even teach them something new I've learned from my own EQ journey!

Mentor Testimonials

Veronica W.H.


“Mentoring with WrightChoice Mentoring revealed to me how important discipline and structure is. This enlightening experience is one that I will cherish. I have a new bond with my mentee, and I am inspired to be better and do better so I can lead by example.

Shekinah P.


“Participating as a mentor has been life changing because I never had the opportunity to connect with someone that could help navigate my post graduate career. Thus being able to pay it forward was not only fulfilling, but being able to be a thread in the tapestry of someone's life will forever be humbling for me.”

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