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Embark on a Journey of Personal and Professional Discovery with 

WrightChoice Mentoring 

We Make Mentoring Easy!

Mentors help students level
up and face their 
future head on! 

ten diverse individual hshots


Connect. Learn. Grow. 

WrightChoice Mentoring sparks connections between mentors and mentees based on career interests. Gain invaluable insights, firsthand advice, and fresh ideas for navigating your career path. Elevate Your Career Development Goals Starting Today! 


Now is the perfect opportunity to link up with a mentor and absorb their career experiences. Each journey is unique, but the advice and insights are priceless as you gear up for your own path. Set a regular weekly meeting time or stay flexible - whatever suits both your schedules best.

Professional Development 

It's all about you! We're here for your growth: professionally, as a leader, in self-awareness, and connecting with your career. Our goal? Closing the mentoring gap. These sessions dive into crucial topics and tools for your development as a young professional.

Career Guidance

This program is tailored just for you! What are your career goals in the next 1-3 years? How can you get ready for life after college? Wondering about landing your first job? A career mentor has got your back in all these areas and beyond!


“I love that the mentees + mentors are matched by professions. I wish I had this kind of insider information when I was a student aspiring to be in this field!”

Alexis S
Pixel Park Animation Studios


90% +

 of our mentoring pairs stay connected even after the program ends 



of our mentees feel measurably more comfortable with their chosen career path after being matched with a WCM mentor


500+ Hours

Mentoring hours have been completed

since 2020

a woman with brown skin and hair looks at a xray

Make the WrightChoice and Take Career Prep to the Next Level


  • Education 

  • Public health 

  • Medicine 

  • Business 

  • Social work 

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Journalism 

  • Health sciences 

  • Technology 

  • Sports administration 

  • Law and politics 

  • Nonprofit leadership 

  • Rehabilitation  

  • Neuroscience and more…. 

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