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WC Mentoring Advisory Committee Board

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Wynnette R Boykin, MSW, LISW, Supervisor of Behavior Health at Beech Acres Parenting Center

“Mentoring means collaboration, relationship building, and advising. Also enhancing skills in providing networking opportunities. Mentoring is also taking heed to the goals of the mentee and accommodating in developing skills for success. As a mentor, I would like to assist my mentee in gaining an understanding and utilizing the advising sessions to enhance professional career goals.”

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Elizabeth Rosario, 

GIS Professional;

Geographer with the

United States Air Force

“Mentoring allows me the opportunity to engage with students, and gain a better understanding of issues they may face in the career market. It also gives me great satisfaction connecting with mentees who exhibit such passion for learning. As a mentor, I hope to convey to mentees that there will always be somewhere there to help them to navigate through the trials of beginning a career, providing support along the way.”

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“Mentoring means to give back to the community. As a mentor, I plant positive seeds into gardens of potential.”

Beverly Robinson,

Client Advocate with

Advocating Opportunity

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TyKiah Wright


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Rian Awad

Assistant Director

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Angela Masten 

Technology Consultant

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Meghan Sellet, Director, Accessibility Resource Center, The College of New Jersey

“Mentoring means connection and finding common ground that may never have been discovered had a connection never occurred. As a mentor, I will guide and learn with gratitude”

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Keisha Smith, Financial Advisor, President, Money Concepts

“Warren Buffet once said: someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted the tree a long time ago. As a mentor, I will be intentional in planting a good seed that a mentee will harvest a bountiful crop.”